Fair Wireless for Canada

Fair Wireless for Canada provides four simple recommendations to put an end to Bell, Fido, Rogers and Telus practices that lock-out competition, impede consumer choice and stifle innovation.

  1. For wireless devices sold as part of a service agreement, mandatory SIM-unlocking of wireless devices at the end or termination of the service agreement.
  2. Prohibit the sale of SIM-locked wireless devices when not included as part of a service agreement (e.g., when the wireless device is purchased at full price without any discounts or subsidies).
  3. Full disclosure and transparency by wireless carriers. In addition to coverage and rate-plan information, carriers must fully disclose any limits placed on devices, limits on bandwidth usage, if devices are locked to a single network and information regarding discounts and subsidies applied to the purchase of devices that are part of a service agreement.
  4. Require wireless carriers to provide purchase options of wireless devices without service agreements.
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